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Relationship distress is exhausting, distracting and makes both partners miserable. When long-term conflict and unhappiness lead to divorce the pain can ratchet up even further. It doesn't have to be this hard!

Thousands of therapists and lawyers have been helping couples for years - to either mend their frayed bond or, if that can't be done, then to divorce with dignity, integrity and humanity. Both Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Collaborative Divorce have been important innovations for helping people in relationship distress for over twenty-five years. Yet surprisingly few people know of their existence or the vast benefits they provide.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how, even in the hardest times, divorce is not inevitable.

  • Understand how we are all hardwired to connect, not to struggle.

  • Begin to see your partner in a different, more accepting, light.

  • Read about the Seven Cardinal Rules of Legal Divorce and how to avoid their grip.

  • Grasp why Collaborative Divorce is such an international success story.


Joseph Shaub has been an attorney for more than forty years and a marriage and family therapist for more than twenty. He is a mediator, therapist, writer and frequent lecturer to therapists, lawyers and couples in distress throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through his writing and speaking, Joe has introduced thousands of people to the principles in this book.

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  • How to Have a Sane Divorce
  • Healing Your Relationship:Building Hope & Trust When Hope is Gone & Trust Shattered
    • WORKSHOPS FOR ATTORNEYS              

    • Attachment Basics for the Family Lawyer
    • The Psychology of Divorce

  • Family Law for the Mental Health Professoinal
  • Lawyers: How to Understand Them / How to Work with Them / How to Enjoy Them


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