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My Philosophy of Limited Legal Services

Lawyers have been "counselors" for as long as they have had a shingle to hang. So, when I decided some years ago to stop representing people in court, there was still a rich and rewarding role for me to play in peoples' lives. I have found over the last few years that I am able to provide a number of valuable services as a legal counselor and, since it has been 40 years from the date I passed my first (California) bar exam, I figured it would be a shame to completely discard this experience. The areas in which I provide limited legal services are:

  • Divorce and Family Mediation
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Unbundled Legal Services
  • Legal Consultation and Representation of Therapists

The lawyer's counseling role is many-faceted. Education is a major service the lawyer/counselor provides. People who find themselves dropped into a legal proceeding are often in very foreign territory. In order to think clearly, allay anxiety and make good decisions, clients need to understand the lay of the land. Over the years, I have found that education about things like: The Legal Process; Washington Legal Principles; Negotiation and The Predictable Legal and Psychological Steps in Divorce has been extremely helpful to people. I have also reviewed legal documents to assure that they satisfy the needs of the client. Of course, there are many areas of law I have never learned or practiced, but in those cases I can be a referral source. These are but some of the limited legal services I now provide.


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