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 Legal Support for Therapists 

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Therapists need not be intimidated or confused when confronted by lawyers or legal issues.

Yet, these are very common reactions of gifted, intelligent professionals who suddenly must operate in an unfamiliar arena, populated by another group of professionals who, let’s face it, can be demanding, articulate, aggressive and quite adversarial. However, law is based on a set of rules which are both accessible and provide protection & guidance.

Whether a clinician needs a brief consultation on a client issue; is served with a subpoena; must respond to a complaint made to the department of health or simply receives a communication from an attorney that raises some concern, I am available to provide legal support in your journey through these uncharted waters.

My principal services over the years have included:

  • Potential or actual actions brought against licensees by the Department of Health.
  • Consultations about potential claims by clients or contact from attorneys.
  • Record-keeping or confidentiality concerns.
  • Dealing with subpoenas and other legal processes.
  • Questions of mandatory reporting or duty to warn.

Articles on Law and Ethics

As the Law and Ethics columnist for the Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapist’ Newsletter, I have had the opportunity to write extensively on topics of interest to the therapeutic community. These columns are reprinted here in the hope that you may find them useful.



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